How To Get Ableton Live 11 To Work

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David Lowe
7 min readApr 19, 2021


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I wrote this post because I went through hell recently with Abelton’s upgrade to Live 11. With the lockdown for COVID and mental health challenges, I needed hardware and software that was reliable and would allow me to focus on creating music. Here is the experience and a step by step guide to give you what you need to get Ableton working for you rather than you losing your sanity!

1. Upgrade Time

I had been using Live 10 Suite (not cheap at $749) for about 6 months and saw that Ableton was releasing Live 11. I was pumped. Lots of new plugins, packs and tools to further me as an electronic music producer and curious human being. I downloaded it a few days after launch and immediately had issues.

Instead of the program just opening after downloading it, I kept getting this prompt:

When I clicked “Yes”, it would try and get me to download Ableton again. I finally played around with Windows 10 and my laptop and somehow managed to get rid of that message. Then, I got another error message when I tried to open Live 11:

None of these issues had occurred when I downloaded Live 10 so I was stumped. I must have reinstalled Ableton Live 11 about 5 times and was still getting the error message. I tweeted Ableton, emailed them and got nowhere. They like to send you cut & pasted links instead of actually diagnosing the issue and then giving you a clear solution. They were zero help.

German companies are renowned for their efficient approach to business. Not this one.



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